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Examples: This is just a hobby for friends and family.  I actually have a day job!      - Dr Kennedy
Note: All links open in a separate tab
  Andrus Plumbing A sophisticated yet simple design for the plumbing industry (artwork & flash design included)
  CPR Plumbing - Closed A fun site for the plumbing industry
  All Pro Plumbing (original site) A Plumbing, heating and air conditioning site
  Glenn Rinier Designs An artist web page for Architectural, Glass and Watercolor designs
  Shimmy, Inc A parent company to JD Services, Inc - ID Type, Inc and Kendee Consulting, Inc
  Kendee Consulting, Inc A Management Consulting Firm with a simple yet direct site
  JD Service Consulting A Services Consulting firm with a simple yet direct site for the service industry
  ID Type, Inc (Personality Profiling) A simple and fun personality profiling site (under construction - logo and artwork design included)
  my ID Type (General Profiling) Under Construction - similar to ID Type, Inc
  NeriumAD Personal site (SkinCare) A simple site for showing before and after pix from NeriumAD SkinCare night cream
  Derek Bordeaux (Singer) A Dynamic site for entertainment - not complete with all music but the base design is available
  DMS (Event Planning Demo site) A sample of what you could do with with multiple pictures - Demo, not all links are functional
  HR Wave, Inc (Corporate Site) A large site with several pages driven toward corporate cultures - (closed 2008)
  AGW, Inc - Company Closed A flash intro - Has now merged with HR Wave, Inc (developed in 1997 and closed 2008)
  Lauren A Dahl & Assoc. (M&A) A very simple and to the point web site for Mergers and Acquisitions (logo and artwork design included)
  My Resume Site A resume site full of information on skills and talents - Developed for corporate cultures
  UK Janis (Resume Site) A recruiting and resume web site (logo and artwork design included)
  Other Sites: Other sites designed and developed yet no longer managed by
  Sites include: Logo design, graphic design, flash, slogans, marketing, email, security, site registration and hosting